CPMA Member Benefits and Services

When you become a Member of the California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) you gain a knowledgeable, professional staff dedicated to standing with you, your patients, your practice and your profession against impediments that would hinder your ability to focus on what matters most: providing quality podiatric medical care to your patients.

CPMA knows just how difficult it is to practice medicine in today’s rapidly changing and chaotic healthcare environment. That’s why the Association offers valuable legal resources, legislative advocacy and reimbursement assistance; as well as practice resources, education, information and group discounts on products and services for your office and home. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits and services CPMA offers its physician members:

Legal Assistance
CPMA’s legal help line provides assistance to Members with questions on a variety of practice related issues including human resources, medical, regulatory or legal issues.

Listing/Practice Page on CPMA's Find-a-Podiatrist search   
CPMA members can list up to 3 practices locations on the Association's Find-a-Podiatrist search platform.  They can also list specialties, office hours, insurance taken, education and credentials

Legislative Advocacy 
Every day CPMA works with legislators and regulators to ensure that Californian’s podiatric physicians are treated fairly based on their education and training.
The California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) is behind every pro-podiatric medicine bill that becomes state law in California!  The Association’s legislative advocacy team also works to defeat bills that would harm patients and undermine your authority. CPMA place high priority on protecting the patient-physician relationship, removing unnecessary administrative burdens and obstacles to practicing medicine, and ensuring that podiatric physicians are paid fairly and promptly for providing care.

Payment Advocacy
Coding Assistance: CPMA coding experts are available to help members and their office staffs with issues regarding billing and coding.
Payment Specialists: CPMA has saved podiatric physicians hundreds of thousands of dollars on both a macro and micro levels by addressing reimbursement issues that impact all practitioners, podiatric physicians and individual members by intervening when wide-scale reimbursement proposals are made/implemented, or when individual members’ claims are denied by third-party payors.

Educational Programs

CPMA keeps Members and their staffs up-to-date with quality educational programs designed to provide them with the information necessary to run successful medical practice.  Members receive access to CPMA and APMA sponsored educational programs at significant discounts. Learn More 

Practice Resources
CPMA produces a wide variety of resources to help Members’ practices run more smoothly and successfully.

Practice Assistance
CPMA provides assistance with reimbursement and medical business issues from experts in the field to help Members improve their bottom line.

News and Information
CPMA provides a variety of ways to help Members stay informed about public health, practice management, and breaking health care news through Member publications from the CPMA and APMA including: The California Podiatric Physician Magazine, the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the APMA News Magazine, DPMemo ,APMA News Brief, CPMA Alerts and others.

Answers for You and Your Staff
CPMA is here to assist Members and their staffs on a wide range matters important to their patients, practice and profession.

It Pays to be a Member of CPMA
Discounts on Goods and Services for the Office and Home. CPMA/APMA Affinity Programs provide savings on products and services of value to our members both personally and professionally.

CPMA Members can more than offset the price of their annual (tax deductible) dues when using CPMA membership services and discounts. 

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