A Stroke of the Legislative Pen Can Write Podiatry Into or Out of the Law!

Team CPMA/CalPPAC has been behind every pro-podiatric medicine bill that has become California law!

Today more than ever before, healthcare professionals have to fight and advocate to keep the clinical care of their patients in their well trained hands .
For Californian's podiatric physicians, successful legislative advocacy depends upon an integrated approach, consisting of lobbying, grassroots activity and political action through the California Podiatric Medical Association's (CPMA) and California Podiatric Political Action Committee (CalPPAC). 

To help ensure that the Voice of Podiatric Medicine is heard when and where it counts, please give to CalPPAC TODAY

What is CalPPAC?

The California Podiatric Political Action Committee (CalPPAC) is a bipartisan organization run by and for podiatric physicians that supports candidates to state office who appreciate the critical role podiatric physicians play in California’s healthcare delivery system, and for the benefit of its members, their patients and the foot/ankle health of all Californians.

CalPPAC solicits voluntary support for the election of candidates who support podiatric physicians, their patients.

CalPPAC Supports both Democrats and Republicans 

CalPPAC is bipartisan, supporting candidates of all parties who are pro-podiatric medicine. We work closely with our local chapters and legislative advocates to identify pro-podiatric medicine candidates as they seek elected office.

Who Can Donate to CalPPAC?

Anyone can donate to CalPPAC: podiatric physicians, their families and friends, residents, podiatric medical students, podiatric medical assistants and so on.