Humanitarian Committee

The CPMA’s Humanitarian Committee is a resource for those that would like to get involved with humanitarian projects that are podiatric centric. Below are some projects in California.

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

– J.K. Rowling, author (Harry Potter), philanthropist, and founder of the children’s charity, Lumos

Humanitarian Projects:

Western University Projects: 

Contact Dr. Rebecca Moellmer at

WUCPM Podiatric Research Club

The mission of the Podiatric Research Club is to provide members with the resources and tools needed to better approach academic literature and critically think as students apply their didactic knowledge in developing research questions. Through the engagement in educational workshops and presentations from those in academia, these experiences provide students with the opportunity to partake in conversations about promising research. The club works to peak student engagement by highlighting budding research and providing students the platform to learn from Podiatric physicians currently engaged in research. We will continue to advocate for student research and promote exposure to academic literature.


Established in 2017, the purpose of the WesternU Student Chapter of the American Association of Women Podiatrists is to aid the advancement of the educational, professional, and social goals of our members. Through Networking, Service Learning, and Education, we will prepare for success in the field of Podiatry while benefitting our community.


SCPMSA is a regional chapter for APMSA; The APMSA's mission is to represent and advocate for the educational progression and continued advancement of podiatric medicine and surgery. This chapter will provide a platform for educational and collaborative events within the WesternU CPM.


The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine serves to advance the understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries. We believe that providing such knowledge to the profession and the public will optimize enjoyment and safe participation in sports and fitness activities. We will accomplish this mission through professional education, scientific research, public awareness, and membership support.


ACFAS aims to develop outstanding podiatric physicians by providing educational resources and various tools to further the knowledge and abilities of podiatric physicians and preclinical students through their student portal. In addition, ACFAS advocates for the field of podiatric medicine and actively works toward gaining parity among other medical professionals through collaboration and joint education. ACFAS supports research in every subspecialty of podiatric medicine through their academic journal-- The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (JFAS). Lastly, ACFAS hosts an annual research conference that allows students and physicians to network and connect with one another which also aids in the mission of advancing the field of podiatric medicine. In conclusion, the mission of ACFAS is to " inspire excellence in foot and ankle care for every patient by every member and empower our members to be proven leaders and lifelong learners who positively impact the lives of their patients. " 


To provide students with the opportunity to gain practical skills in the evaluation, treatment and prevention of lower limb conditions and injuries through hands on experience, workshops and educational seminars.


The Pomona Community Health Action Team (PCHAT) is a student-run club that organizes and provides free health-screening clinics serving the unhoused and low-income members of the Pomona community. Using an interdisciplinary approach, PCHAT involves students from the Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Physicians Assistants, Nursing, and Pharmacy programs to provide healthcare services to the community while providing invaluable medical-specialty experience and inter-disciplinary collaboration to its student volunteers. Our vision is to provide accessible and quality preventative-healthcare while also training future healthcare professionals to deliver patient care through an interdisciplinary approach.


AAPPM club's mission is to enhance the podiatric medical school experience by educating students on leadership and practice management. In order for physicians to operate successful practices, they must be run with healthy business practices. Proper planning, business fundamentals, and finincal aspects of a medical practice are all key to attaining a satisfying and successful career. Our aim is to help students start building a foundation for success with an introduction to things like practice administration, communication, finances, compensation, and systems management.


Happy Feet Clinic is a UCLA student-led organization that strives to serve, educate, and empower the homeless community of Los Angeles by providing foot care, sharing knowledge, and promoting wellness. We treat hundreds of homeless people to a soothing foot wash, provide them with basic necessities, such as clean pairs of socks and properly fitted shoes, and work side by side with podiatrists and medical students as they administer foot exams for the homeless community. If you are interested in participating, please email for further information.


Special Olympics Fit Feet offers screenings to evaluate ankles, feet, lower extremity biomechanics, and proper shoe and sock gear to participating athletes. Fit Feet helps Special Olympics athletes step lively on the playing field, and in everyday life. Many athletes suffer from foot and ankle pain, or deformities that impair their performance.

In fact, up to 50 percent of Special Olympics athletes experience one or more preventable or treatable foot conditions that can affect their sports participation. Often, these individuals are not fitted with the best shoes and socks for their particular sport. During Fit Feet events, volunteer foot healthcare specialists work with athletes to evaluate problems of the feet, ankles and lower extremity biomechanics.  For more information, please contact us at

CSPM Projects:

Contact Dr. Tim Dutra at:

  • Humanitarian Committee: California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) at Samuel Merritt University (SMU)
  • Staff Contact: Dr. Dutra, Assistant Professor, CSPM (

    Special Olympics, Healthy Athletes FitFeet

  • Time: Quarterly events in Northern California, Summer Games in June
  • Location: various Bay Area sites; summer games at local university TBA; virtual events
  • Foot screening and biomechanics exams for intellectually challenged athletes. Provide information about proper shoe gear for foot type and activity, as well as podiatric referrals if neededAlso educate SO Coaches on common foot and ankle injuries, athletic shoe and sock tips, and foot care for athletes.Student volunteers are enrolled at the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM).

    UC Davis Student Run Clinics: Clinica Tepati, Shifa Community Clinic

  • Student Contacts: Co-Directors, Nida Ahmed (, Alexander Byrd (, Natalie Leon (
  • Attendings/Preceptors (Past and Present): Dr. Tovmassian, Dr. Adams, Dr. Bakal, Dr. Kinchsular
  • Time: Saturdays (Clinica Tepati) and Sundays (Shifa Community Clinic)
    • Leave campus at 6:30 am arrive back on campus by 3 pm
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
    • Clinica Tepati: 1820 J St, Sacramento, CA 95811
    • Shifa Community Clinic: 419 V St, Sacramento, CA 95818
  • Attire: Scrubs and name tag
  • What to bring: Semmes-Weinstein monofilament, scissors, Doppler & gel, pen, clipboard, notepad
  • Work with underserved Latinx and South East Asian Communities in the Sacramento area to provide at risk foot care services under the supervision of a preceptor. Student volunteers are enrolled at the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) and work up patients, present to Attending physicians, and write clinic notes.

Berkeley Suitcase Clinic

  • Student Contact: Stephanie Liu (
  • Attendings/Preceptors (Past and Present): Dr. Handwerker, Dr. Huey (, Dr. Kenney (
  • Time: Tuesdays, 7:00pm-9:00 pm
  • Where: 2407 Dana St. Berkeley, 94704
  • Parking: Free street parking on Dana, Haste Streets or Channing Way after 6pm. OR free parking for volunteers at the Church. You can enter the lot on the Channing Way side, between Dana and Telegraph. If an attendant is there tell them you are there for the podiatry clinic and you won't need a special permit. Carpooling is suggested! 
  • Attire: Scrubs and name tag
  • What to bring: Semmes-Weinstein monofilament, scissors, pen, clipboard 
  • The Suitcase Clinic is a Student/Volunteer-Run Clinic in Berkeley, CA. They have multiple clinics at this location. Through the American Public Health Association chapter at CSPM students, volunteers provide podiatric care to the homeless at this free clinic in Berkeley. A handful of students from different classes and one attending help run the clinic. 

St. Vincent de Paul Clinic

  • Clinic Contact: Janet Simon (
  • Attending: Dr. Kwok-Oleksy (
  • Student Contacts: Shalvi Prasad ( & George Silverio (
  • Time: 3rd Wednesday of every month from 8:45 – 12:00 pm
  • Where: 2272 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
  • With this clinic, you have the privilege to provide free podiatric medical services to the homeless population in Oakland, CA. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on clinical practice for a good cause. You will have a room to yourself to treat patients, a nurse to help you, and Dr. Kwok-Oleksy in the next room to help with any questions.

Podiatry Medical Mission Association (PMMA)

Student Contact: Christine Han (

  • This organization is responsible for collecting donated supplies from local private practices, hospitals, and medical groups. These supplies are then disseminated to the various community service organizations in the school for free care to be provided.

    San Ysidro Medical Mission Trip to the Border

  • Time: March, has been postponed since 2020 due to pandemic
  • Where: San Ysidro, CA
  • The San Ysidro Medical Mission trip is an annual event that happens at the end of every Spring Break in March. CSPM podiatric medical students, DPM’s, FNP’s, and Family Nurse Practitioner students come together to provide podiatric and primary health care to the underserved population in San Ysidro, CA near the California-Mexico border.

If you have questions, please contact